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Discover Your Communication Intention with Cognitive Quest™ Styles

Negotiation Skills: An Orchestrating™ Talent to Win More Often

We've all seen them on television, in movies and read about them in stories - the one who tries to influence or persuade others for one reason or another. They can have stereotypical portrayals as ruthless, manipulative and even cut throat characters. The truth is, that's not a type of person, that's a stereotype. Everyone can have those...
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Cognitive Styles: Why Billiards is an Orchestrators™ Game

When I traveled to Rugby, England a few years ago to provide training, I was introduced to a brilliant guy named Lee who worked in a related department and he loved the game of Billiards. In fact, he was often traveling to the U.S. to compete in matches that were broadcast on ESPN. He was very...
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Value: Three Simple Ways to Increasing Your Value and Lower Stress

What value are you delivering online, at work, and the world? Have you noticed lately how everyone is rushing to get out their value blogs? Maybe you've even felt compelled to start a blog too so you don't miss out. Or if you've started a blog, maybe your having problems coming up with topics. Online information can be like...
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Kill Your Depression & Celebrate Your Freedom in Four Powerful Ways

Maybe you've been turning a blind eye. Or maybe you haven't noticed things aren't working. Worse yet, maybe it's falling apart and you don't want to see it. Maybe you know it's done and you have to face it, but don't want to. Whatever the case may be, depression can bring you down fast. I know. I've struggled with it...
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Proven Ways To Really Hire the Right Person For Your Position

Remember what it was like the last time you realized you needed to fill a job when someone left your team? Did you panic? Did you ignore it until it was too late? Did you just hire a someone with a pulse? If you think the best resumé is one that just lists previous duties with their candidate's...
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The Battle for Your Mind: Fear, Art and You

Recently on a podcast from Human Business Works, Chris Brogan and Seth Godin discussed making your art and the fear that can haunt you as part of that process. It was riveting. Have you ever heard something so true it shakes you up? That podcast did it for me. And maybe that was because I turned 40...
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Never Teach Again Without This One Critical Classroom Tool!

There's a simple way for you to elevate your trainer status with one versatile, amazing tool. You probably have it in your home and didn't even know it. Now, I'm not saying you've overlooked it on purpose. In fact, you probably never give it much thought - and only thought of it during mental or food emergencies. But, this...
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