Here’s my personal confession how I’ve hidden my genius from the world and what changed to help me discover my gifts and change this in my life so I can share them with the world. I make a case for changing your mindset, finding your joy and moving fearlessly forward to live life on your […]

Essential Motivators is used in my Discovering Your Personal Genius (the virtual course). Colleague, friend and mentor, Linda Berens and I talked about how I used this type lens successfully in organizations. One of the interesting aspects we discuss in the video is how I use Essential Motivators in creating effective training modules for participants.  

When you’re frustrated because your boss is taking advantage of your off work time, the type of requests that seem inappropriate and you feel like you don’t have other options. Learn how to rethink the dysfunctional boss and work that seems to be taking more than giving back to you.

Comparing yourself to others is probably the biggest stop for creative, purposeful leaders. It stops us from marketing, selling our services, helping others and causes us to second guess ourselves. In this video I talk about some reasons to reframe our thinking and take actions to keep you focused on your creative mojo and not worry about what others are doing.

When you’re frustrated at a job you can’t stand and want to quit, how do you move quickly from one role to a completely different role that uses your creativity and education without living off your savings? Learn how to leverage your frustration into creative results and tap into your wealthy network.