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People and Resources I Love Working With

Courageous Purposeful Contributors I Celebrate

Contributing Leaders:

  • All Things Writing: Amy Anderson (Emmy award winner, Former Editor of Success Magazine, Copywriter, Blogging, Publishing, Ghostwriting)
  • Career Coaching: Isabelle Peyrichoux (Brilliant Seeds Coacing)
  • Empowerment Coaching: Susana Rinderle
  • Instructional Design: Ildiko Oravecz (High Performance Consulting)
  • Psychological Type Certification: Linda Berens (Author, Trainer, Former President of the Association for Psychological Type International) 
  • Online Video Training: Amani Channel (broadcaster, video producer and educator)

Purposeful Creatives:

  • Fine Arts: Rachel Popowcer (Painter, Printmaker, Photographer, Instructor)
  • Rewrite Your Personal Story: Raj Balkaran (Power of Myth Trainer, University Professor)
  • Personal Color Expert: Sharon Forsyth (TCI Certified Color Analysis)

Healing Spiritual Intuitives:

  • Rewrite Your Personal Story: Raj Balkaran (Power of Myth Trainer, University Professor)
  • Energetic Healing: Elaine Lopez-Bogard (Multiple Spiritual Healing Modalities, Abundance Work)
  • Spiritual Hypnosis: Anat Weinstein (Higher Choice Hypnosis), Mark Johnson (Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives, Certification Training)

Online Resources

In the personal growth & development field, I've tried many things and taken many courses. Here are my favorite resources that might help you on your journey to discover your impact and design the life you want to live.

Please note that some of the recommended resources are affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase from my link below, it won't cost you any more money, but some of that purchase will go to keeping my business up and running. 

Tools & Apps

Called the Blogger's Ultimate Email Manager, this low cost, simple to use tool let's you create registration forms, email sequences, broadcast emails and automation tools for easy management. It also offers a variety of integrations, like Leadpages, Zapier and other business apps. This system let's you segment audiences and stay in contact with your peeps.