Losing Opportunities in Life? Feeling Paralyzed with Your Next Steps?

How do you stop personalizing mistakes and failures at work, in business and in life? Are you clear about what's important to you first? Do you understand the process of change and how your brain works? Are you able to make the best choices and weigh your decisions?

The key to successful change isn’t about endless goal setting and planning like most popular magazines and blogs would have you believe. Instead, it’s really understanding how the brain reacts to change at every phase and how you can leverage it to your benefit.

When you learn how the brain sequences change and what to expect at each step with actions to take, it stops feeling overwhelming, paralyzing and wondering if you're good enough. You stop questioning your self-worth and anxiety with a loss of control.

Instead, you find clarity for life to align to your path with people who want to help you - and then things change. Yet, if we fail to understand the change process, we lose opportunities for genuine happiness and meaningful success in our lives.

So how do you do this ‘change process’ thing? Do we need to read about stuffy neuroscience journals or understand the calculated payoff of our goals? How do we honor ourselves first before we look externally at what others need or how they will be impacted with the change? How do we get support to make sure the change isn’t derailed by naysayers or people who lack vision?

We can use brain reframes to help it change

There are key things our brain needs for psychological safety to feel okay to take risks, move forward and strive for new things in our lives.

When faced with change, the brain sounds different alarms that we all react to predictably, no matter how we try to ignore them.

If you can find the clear way to use this brain science in your personal and professional goals in life, imagine what you could achieve.  See, the system doesn’t have to be hard, it just has to work.

The adventure of life is in seeing the systems at play and then leveraging them to feel more valuable in your life, like you’re not wasting time or energy on meaningless things, and moving the needle for yourself, your family, your work…everywhere.

Let’s journey into the in’s and out’s of your brain, your personality and other factors that go into making a change successful, or not.


When we question our own judgement, we can get stuck seeking validation externally. This leads to analysis paralysis. We may be good as Empaths intuiting other's feelings, but when we use them as a basis for decision making, it's a trap.

Back view of businesswoman standing on crossroads and making choice

When we question our own judgement, we can get stuck seeking validation externally. This leads to analysis paralysis. We may be good as Empaths intuiting other's feelings, but when we use them as a basis for decision making, it's a trap.

Why trust me anyway?

The main thing that separates our work together from other coaches, healers or counselors is I focus first on the spiritual tradeoffs in life. I don’t like to use generic coach questions, or rely on one restrictive model for working together.  When you’ve gone through life and learned lessons, sometimes often costly mistakes, it’s because you didn’t see the system and how it can work.

But not all systems are created equal.  But the best systems are able to be applied over and over again, and the core of a functional human system is the soul’s work in tradeoffs in life. We look at the tradeoffs in every way to get clarity and make better decisions. This leads to more holistic thinking and looking at impacts in all areas of your life.

If you’re like me, you’ve spent too much time on social media and surfing the internet to find a damn good coach. Most generic coaches mean well, after all they were trained in a system of helping people and that’s great.  But I’ve seen people who’s marketing is slick, but their systems are generic, or their free offers are better than their courses.

I really want you to have the best life possible, and that means I want to help you see the movements and impacts with the topics of empathy, personality psychology, brain friendly learning, subconscious changes, tradeoffs, ego development, and holistic goal setting to help you change your career, business or life.

The first thing you’ll notice is how we need to strip away all the advice, and focus on the spiritual tradeoffs.

Take a look at  spiritual tradeoffs in the report below.

How can I be so sure?

When I first started working with clients, they’d ask me how I knew what I knew.  Simple. My work has always been about moving people forward in their potential using strategies and systems for better decision making.

I’ve had incredible mentors and my ongoing learning means that I can share with you what I’ve learned, and sometimes we just need a little nudge. Other times we need clarity, and often we need to dig deep and explore the best parts of who we are to unearth how to change in authentic ways.

This is why I’m writing - to give you the best of what I’ve learned so you can start to make your life easier as you seek your own path. Over time, if you enjoy the content, I have other products and trainings you like to buy to work on your specific goals, but the articles are for you to start the journey.

I feel it’s best if you hear it from one of my success stories from a reader just like you.

"Chris is an outstanding facilitator who has mastered the rare talent of balance.
His clearly laid out pre-work objectives and process, had concise materials, designed with the strategic participant experience allowed for his clarifying, exploring and on-track facilitation.
He kept the process moving forward & on track with the slightest taps at the right moments. He accomplished this while also allowing the participants the time to explore a couple key decision points more thoroughly."
Frank Kidder, Albuquerque, NM
Jessica Chiang
Jessica Chiang - New York City, NY
Chris is always willing to consider multiple opinions in a substantial way when implementing new ideas. He has a great proactive approach to projects we've worked together on and he's extremely organized and thoughtful in his work. I've always appreciated his ability to look at a project from multiple perspectives. Chris is easy to work with and an excellent consulting partner.
John Colangelo
John Colangelo - Redmond, WA
I was recently going through some personal family issues with my sister. Remembering this, Chris compassionately and gently inquired about my sister and her handicapped daughter. It amazed me that someone so engaged with so many different people would remember this personal detail and have genuine concern about them. Chris has a heart for humanity. He almost never opens a conversation with something about his life, he always first asks me what's going on in my life. He helps many people with counseling and advising them to help others find their way.
Leeann Stewart
Leeann Stewart - Vastra Gotaland, Sweden
His ability to assess skills and working strengths is something I wish more people possessed. Chris brings you to deeper and better understanding of what makes people work. Chris also helps you understand how to create a better team. His ability to assess skills and working strengths is something I wish more people possessed. It helps create better work and improved dynamics across organizations.

Albuquerque Valley, New Mexico. USA. I live in the heartbeat of the southwestern United States. We enjoy snow on the juniper trees in winter, hummingbirds in summer and many 'long-vistas' with outdoor trails all over our state. We’re privileged to have a large number of Native American Pueblos, historical ruin landmarks and enough culture to explore for life. I was born here, moved away as a military brat, and moved back because New Mexico is part of my soul.

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