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Jillian Gonzales, New Mexico
Jillian Gonzales, New Mexico

I was struggling with a professional choice - either going out on my own as an external consultant or consider a full-time job opportunity.

Working with Chris, I was provided not only with pragmatic tools but also space to deepen my self-understanding in regards to my personal values and belief systems.

He supported my authentic self to emerge in order to identify what I was truly are capable of as a whole person. He takes the time to explore from a deep place in order to offer practical tools.

I was consistently astounded by the tools Chris developed to support my own development.

Chris has a never ending well of resources and tools to work with a variety of clients. He offered me templates for resume writing, networking conversations, planning tools and skill mapping. His tools are original and well-thought out.

He offered exactly what I needed to not only find my path but also help me develop my mind set of what my capacity is and could be.

Working together, I began mapping out what offerings I could have as a consultant while I gained skills in building a better, more informative resume. I built networking interview questions I used. Basically, I used frameworks from Chris to do these things.

To benefit working with Chris, I think you would have to be someone who has done or wants to do introspective work. His work is deeply rooted in self-awareness and introspection.

Ildiko Oravecz, New Mexico
Ildiko Oravecz, New Mexico

Having the more personal areas of my life surface was a big 'a ha' because I tend to be more business and career focused.

Chris led a powerful goal-setting workshop to help me plan my year and set goals that are in complete alignment with what's in my core.

The goal-setting workshop he facilitated has given me a lighter approach to my year - it felt powerful and energizing.

Working with Chris I see things more holistically and gained a picture of my life's vision.

The facilitation process with others helped me to clarify my big vision, with additional insights to solidify my direction.

I enjoyed the exercises and having my thoughts reflected back to me was powerful.

Having the more personal areas of my life surface was a big 'a ha' because I tend to be more business and career focused.

He is an excellent instructional designer and produces high quality learning materials. He's also a masterful facilitator, great listener and talented consultant.

I'm always impressed with his knowledge, experience and insight into organizations, leadership and learning.

Amy K. Anderson, Fort Worth/Dallas, TX
Amy K. Anderson, Fort Worth/Dallas, TX

I felt stuck and defeated after trying for a couple years to make everything happen in my business at once with failures, disappointments & lack of resources.

Working together, I realized my main obstacle wasn't the decisions, but the way I was making those decisions.

I learned more about myself, approaches to issues and approaching others - along with systems and processes to capitalize on my decision strengths and support on blindspots.

Chris is a decision-making mentor when others can’t see clearly enough on their own.

Laura Wooten, Texas
Laura Wooten, Texas

I was struggling with self worth, not knowing whether my skills and market offerings provided value or how to move forward.

I needed guidance, perspective and insight with confidence to actually see my work had value. Chris' name came to mind because of our history together working on a course. I knew him from the course creation work we had done, so I felt pretty comfortable working with him.

Chris is more process based and looks at things from a different lens than I do. That is helpful to me unless it feels forced, but with him I don't think it was.

I have been wavering in and out of fear for a long time and that, plus family demands created a mega excuse for me.

Chris helped me come up with ways to outline my value and reminded me that I have more skills than I was recognizing.

He also validated me based on my personality type-- reminding me that "NFJ's" are mentors was very helpful.

He helped me recognize of my own tangible value and what I offer, as well as how my personality type plays in.

He helped me with clear ideas on how to think about my business as well as practices to implement.

In looking back at the notes he sent me from the session, I really like the ideas he came up with and the detail he included.

Chris is so thoughtful and organized and provide added insight that many would not see.

I think any number of people would would benefit from his training and wisdom, such as a person in career transition, an entrepreneur that's feeling a bit stuck, a small business owner that wants to improve operations.

For me, his ability to open up possibilities is huge. I’m so validated that the business I am creating is needed, that I have skills and a unique perspective to find it.

I have a bit more of a belief that I can confidently actually do this.

I was recently going through some personal family issues with my sister.

Remembering this, Chris gently and compassionately inquired about my sister and her handicapped daughter.

It amazed me that someone so engaged with so many different people would remember this personal detail and have genuine concern about them.

Chris has a heart for humanity. Chris puts people at ease immediately with gentle and loving humor. He is authentic, genuine, generous and open. He almost never opens a conversation with something about his life, he always first asks me what's going on in my life.

John Colangelo, Washington 

I have met few people more gifted with the 'milk of human kindness' than Chris.

Although, his modesty probably doesn't allow him to admit his talents in guiding adults, as an educator or project leader.

If you ever get the chance to work with Chris, count yourself lucky! He not only brings years of experience to his work as a corporate trainer, but also his natural compassion and concern for people he is training and teaching. Hardworking, dedicated and perceptive - and approaches his jobs with integrity for the job itself and thoughtfulness for others. He teaches excellence by example.

Over the years we've worked together, I learned to rely on Chris' humor, attention to detail and fine eye for putting together creative, coherent and appealing educational packages.

Ellen Dornan, New Mexico

"I've always appreciated Chris' ability to look at a project from multiple perspectives."

Most importantly, he is always willing to consider multiple opinions in a substantial way when implementing new ideas.

Chris has a great proactive approach to projects we've worked together on. He is extremely organized and thoughtful in his work. Chris is easy to work with and an excellent consulting partner.

Jessica Chiang, New York

Don E., California
Don E., California

I was concerned with not being heard or understood by Chris because of my skin color. My experiences are often different from people who don’t necessarily look like me.

I soon realized that that my concerns were unfounded. Chris was pretty amazing just seeing me as a man - not a black man, but he also understood my hesitations.

What’s changed from working with him is that I’m a little more at peace, and a lot of things were confirmed for me. I enjoyed finding out about my name-based numerology chart and the purpose of my life numbers. It was very informative, it certainly explained a lot of things about me in my life.

I really benefited by tapping into my spiritual practice and trusting my gut instinct a lot more. What’s most unique is that I believe Chris to be a medium. From our time together, I got both a spiritual and a physical aspect of myself. That was deuces!!

I’d recommend this process for anyone and everyone because they could benefit from this self-discovery kind of work. I really enjoyed the conference calls and I wouldn’t change anything about the process.

If you do the work he’s asked of you, you’ll tap into something that opens you up even more. I began doing things at a higher vibration. I also believe he sincerely wants to help people feel and do better for themselves and their lives.

He pretty much covered everything that I asked about - spiritually, work, relationships (that was a big one for me) and where my life is headed. As a result of working together, I feel a lot better. For me the confirmation of my inner beliefs expanded the path I was already on.

Megan Prescott, Arizona
Megan Prescott, Arizona

I was struggling to integrate different aspects of myself that seemed wildly different from one another and how to fit into society without compromising my authentic self.

I was also feeling intense anxiety about this stage of my life and trying to determine my next steps.

Having Chris as an impartial guide was a relief. His ability to ask deep and insightful questions in a simple, understandable way is legendary! I received validation and encouragement to embrace my unique qualities and blaze my own trail.

I was highly skeptical of myself, specifically the story I had created and have been telling myself.

Getting out of my head and away from that anxiety let me be curious about the process and the opportunity to work together. I realized I don't have to choose between the free spirit aspect over the salt of the earth aspect of myself - both can exist.

I see I have life options & can learn from my experiences rather than stall from not having a perfect plan.

I also realize that expressing my feelings can be about being open and honest, not being controlled by others.

If you are stuck in your mental brain and in transition, Chris' life experiences and work modalities combine to give people an accessible path to understand themselves and their path in this lifetime.

My inner voice has improved and I’m letting go of trying to be perfect or stalling without a plan and I'm excited about the future. I don't have to have trepidation and pressure to be perfect or have it all figured out.

Sheila Jennings, North Carolina
Sheila Jennings, North Carolina

Before I worked with Chris, my head was full of loud whispers from my ‘asshole' inner critic.

She’d say things like “Hey?...What are you doing? THIS is what you turn to when things fall apart? This is so fake. Stupid is as stupid does. Forget about the weird dreams you’re having and what could’ve been and the countless coincidences and instantaneous knowing of a stranger or a moment and thinking “hey, this person or place is familiar.” SO WHAT! Go work a meaningless job throughout your meaningless life because “you’re not special.” No one’s listening and no one cares.”

I had to quiet her down, so I made the decision to let the fear set me free, to be inconvenienced and uncomfortable which led me to become beautiful in all it’s forms. Chris helped me realize that no matter the shit storm, there’s always grace to begin again.

After working with Chris, I realized my fears were valid but I saw that they didn’t originate with me. What changed for me was that I was reminded that I could choose, that I have a choice in all situations… my secret super power.

It started out a bit rocky but Chris made sure to let me know that he was there for me. What I liked was his willingness to explain or answer any questions to the best of his ability and the online community was fun. Chris had his attention directed on the work and everyone having a good experience.

During the process, what was most unique for me was the detailed graphs and charts in the worksheets. I’d recommend this 100% to someone that’s willing to actually listen to somethings that they may not know much or anything about, but might be curious to learn.

My experience turned out great. Chris made sure that the first step was mine alone to take, but he’d be there with me leading the way. Overall, I enjoyed learning to work with the universe and not against it and no one can take away what’s meant for me.

Miriam Covarrubias, Texas
Miriam Covarrubias, Texas

I was stuck with all these issues in my life for a long period of time, not knowing how to move forward. My main concern was not being able to understand how to fill out the Life Blueprint tools.

After reading the full report multiple times, I was more confident. Everything in the report was accurate including my strengths, confidence, mental thinking, talents, abilities, issues, personality goals, as well as my relationships, spiritual & personal growth, etc. Everything was also accurate about my fears and concerns within this report.

Through our work so far, what’s changed for me was the perspective of seeing life differently and making a change for the better with confidence and knowing what the issues are and how to address them.

After speaking with you Chris I started working on each issue until it got them resolved. I’m continuing to work on all of it. Here are a few things that I have resolved since we last worked together. I’m working on my personal issues, also the spiritually side of it.

I’m constantly working on my credit and getting positive updates. I worked on my default school loan, now I'm out of default and I can return back to school. I’m now researching for schools and information to get back in the medical field or if I need to make a change in the field that I want to study.

Also, my son's ADHD issue at school has been corrected and accommodations have been put in place to give him the same opportunity to learn as any of the other children but with additional assistance of teacher and principal (finally). I also took a chance on love with my best friend of almost 20 years - now we been dating for 7 months.

Personally for me working together, I benefited most by not getting overwhelmed, or let the anxiety get the best of me. Focusing on all the positive strengths that I obtained from my report and resolving any issues.  The most unique thing for me about working together was your ability to give your time to introduce yourself and explain and ease any anxiety and answer questions before starting to work with the blueprint report.

In my personal opinion the feature a like best is knowing that you are there to answer any questions and assist anyone if they need it. You make yourself available. Video Chat or Emails. I'm one of those that needs face to face to comprehend what is being thought and understand it better. But I’m also willing to re-read the documents multiple times to keep learning.

You give people the opportunity to have a greater understand of their Life Journey - their obstacles, lifepath's shortcuts, perceptions, life challenges and much more.

I learned how to move forward, have a positive attitude and be extremely patient to actually see results happening. I think you just need to learn and know your strengths and have the "Yes, I can attitude" and you will see the progress of your work when it’s successful.

In my personal opinion, the kind of person that will best with this kind of service is anyone ready to see a positive change. Not only in your personal life, but in all paths of life. You’re doing a great job Chris! 

I was struggling to gain clarity on what my next step in my business should be.

I met with Chris on a single video call and it was very productive and helpful. He helped me generate a list of great ideas.

These ideas are very practical, simple to do and I'm sure, going to result in up-leveling my business, getting my message across and bringing in revenue.

I've very thankful to Chris for guiding me skillfully out of my business dilemma. I'll keep you updated on the progress.

Irina Kazakevic, Canada

Being unemployed for close to six months has been difficult. I applied for many positions I was qualified for and wasn't chosen which left me discouraged.

Luckily I read an article in the newspaper offering a seminar for job search assistance. At the event, I spoke with one of the speakers - Chris, who suggested I change my resume in specific ways to jump out at employers. Chris helped me improve my resume with specific recommendations.

Two weeks after overhauling my resume, I started receiving calls from employers. I had over ten face to face interviews and even more interviews in a three month span.

I now have a new job and many more job offers.  The timing was awesome, because my unemployment was running out. Chris is an awesome instructor.

Michael Sujkowski, New Mexico

I was trying to boost my social media followers & figure out promotions.

Chris has really helped me focus when it comes to my work. He gave me lots of great things to research to further benefit my business.

Chris gave me simple concepts and actionable steps that I never thought about. Now I use as a filter for my business.

On our call, having him just say keywords such as "know your audience" and "flavor of photography" were simple terms, yes, but ones that I keep in my mind as I think about moving my work forward.

Chris works well with someone really willing to look within and he picks up on what can help inspire you that the person may not have seen before. He enhances what’s insides to become real outside.

Linnea Smith, Colorado

Rachel Popowcer, New Mexico
Rachel Popowcer, New Mexico

My life and finances were frustrating and I felt I was losing control of my marriage, with only the worst possible outcome possible.

Chris always tries to figure out things in a calm and rational manner. He lets me speak even when he has something to offer in the conversation.

I know that it's always a safe space when we speak. I never worry when he counsels me that he's not coming from a place of love and acceptance.

Chris works with people who have trouble seeing their own limiting thinking patterns, making the same mistakes but he sees your strengths and potential.

My life and finances were frustrating and I felt I was losing control of my marriage, with only the worst possible outcome possible.

We work through all sorts of issues and problems as he looks at things through different angles. His intelligence makes it easy for me to talk with him for hours.

I realize that staying married is not the worst outcome! I’m moving forward, organizing an artist studio sale and see possibility for income.

He's always generous with discussing my issues and helping me, complimenting me more than anyone else. He always makes me feel better about myself.

With Chris, I’ve grown in self-sufficiency and resourcefulness with my marriage and life.

Nancy Alder, California
Nancy Alder, California Intuitive Shamanic Coach

I felt anxious managing all the possible business development activities and often contradictory advice, as well as frustration with how to keep my heart offering alive while working a job I dislike and feel trapped in. While I felt a strong call to offer my gifts, but I did not have as much clarity as I would have liked about what and how to offer.

After working together, I understand even more fully that honing my gift is a lifetime process. My fears and concerns are real, but I don't need to face and/or overcome them all now. As I work closer and closer to my core gift, there is gentle guidance and fulfillment in that, and things will come together from that place. I’m willing to experiment, and also wanted to get closer to the core of what really lights me up that is also what the world needs.

The fear will always be there, but I can move forward with it when I find a way to work that I truly love and as I become more confident through lots of practice. I see trial and error now more as a playful part of the process. I feel less urgency to do it now. It will happen. I am not trying to manipulate buyers. I am sharing what I love generously with people and my tribe will gather over time. And if not, at least I have had the joy of sharing what I love and taking action!

Oh, man! As a result of working with Chris I feel like I got totally clear marching orders not just for steps of developing my business, but of developing my own unique healing modality. I feel more clear and confident, able to discern, and able to pace myself.

I also LOVE the idea of looking to nature not just for developing my business, but as the core of my offering. As I get soft and quiet and listen, I am practicing what I will do with clients, and getting into mode of being that is inherently nourishing for me.

I received some new ideas about generating income in the short-term that feel edgy, but possible, and much more attuned to me than the ideas I was coming up with for myself. I also feel more emboldened to seeking higher-paid, more alternative sources of short-term income so I have the flexibility to continue to develop my offerings and key skills for expanding them over time.

Chris speaks with his guides and my guides for clarity on who we are and our unique offerings, and then uses his knowledge of business development to translate that insight into clear action steps. I loved the active conversation with your guides, Chris. It made me feel confident in what you were telling me. It made my connection with my own guides feel more real. And it made me feel important in terms of having their attention and support.

Having a business coach talking to his guides? Awesome! Seeing this becoming more mainstream is soooo validating for me. And I need to have this all incorporated for myself. I'm so glad your guides were so insistent with telling me EVERYTHING! I have been doing my best to listen and so wanted to hear it all!

Just about everything you talked about felt totally spot on - validating what I have been sensing for myself, but shifting it all into much clearer focus. It was new, but it was also building on what I already know, which increases my ability to trust myself

After our time working together, I feel more connected with my own unique offering - the idea that I don't need another teacher or training, but am being called to look within and develop something new. I have a much clearer, realistic plan for developing my business.

I absolutely recommend someone both spiritual and entrepreneurial to consider this work with Chris! The mix of shamanic connection and practical business tools is golden!

Nancy Alder - Intuitive Shamanic Coach

Adrienne Sánchez, New Mexico
Adrienne Sánchez, New Mexico

As communications were given to me, I followed the other person’s lead which wasn’t always a good thing leaving my work without closure, often leading me to complain. When I was given a project, I would never really know where to begin.

With Chris, I learned how to step back, look at a project holistically, then begin my organization and analysis in order to create a successful step-by-step project plan.

Chris is effective at matching resources to goals, developing innovative plans and solutions.

As communications were given to me, I followed the other person’s lead which wasn’t always a good thing leaving my work without closure, often leading me to complain.

Chris taught me clear communication that’s constant, clear and consistent with follow up is always key no matter who you are dealing with.

It’s critical to ask "How did I do?" "How are you doing?" "What do we need to stop or continue doing?" "Where do we go next?" I never used to ask these questions before.

Chris has the ability to communication and appeal to all levels. He is dynamic, a sincere listener with a strong work ethic.

Most importantly I've gained a personal type of achievement in the work I've done with Chris.

No matter who I am doing the work for, now I try to learn something for myself out of it with questions like "What do I know now that I didn't before?" "How can I use any of these learnings for work I do in the future?"

In our leadership work together, we've opened people's eyes to things they've not been exposed to before. People are learning and doing. People are aware.

I think in the past these things were taken for granted which made Chris's training and education curriculum so important.

As employees, we did things we were told to do without questioning "why" we were doing it. It was done certain ways in the past and that's just what we need to do now.

Or, there isn't enough money in the budget to do things this way so we've got to make-do with what we have. This is so close-minded.

Thinking outside the box while still staying within guidelines and policy, of course, but instead being creative to find the answers to our obvious problems.

Felicia Harris, New Mexico
Felicia Harris, New Mexico

I appreciated process examination and the focus on our marketplace and demo-graphics.

There was a lot of intensity and excitement during the session. Chris was agenda focused, super positive and easy to work with during the program.

I appreciated process examination and the focus on our marketplace and demo-graphics.

The facilitation was incredibly smooth from Chris. He was not afraid to keep us moving forward.

As a result, our organization has a better lift off from our work together.

I think if someone is curious, open-minded and also stuck, Chris would be a great person to work with.

He’s a true intuitive coach. What was interesting for me was the comfort Chris has with spiritual themes.

I really didn’t have any expectations working together, only a curiosity and desire to connect, but what changed for me was getting more clarity and insight!

I really liked the powerful questions, especially "what's one thing you'd like to close the door on, and never do again?"

Also that Chris picked up and noticed the theme I referenced of “the devil” in our conversation and the phrase "seduced by advocacy.”

He also referenced the subtlety of difference between “can’t, can” and “won't - don't want” which for me was also huge! I came away with the benefits of getting clarity and inspiration from this single session.

Susana Rinderle, Los Angeles

His ability to assess skills and working strengths is something I wish more people possessed.

Chris brings you to deeper and better understanding of what makes people work. Chris also helps you understand how to create a better team.

His ability to assess skills and working strengths is something I wish more people possessed. It helps create better work and improved dynamics across organizations.

Leeann Stewart, Sweden

Chris is thorough, responsive and an expert at building business relationships.

He is a pleasure to work with.

David Hayer, California

Kristi Welton-Kidder, New Mexico
Kristi Welton-Kidder, New Mexico

My partner was skeptical we'd get there as there was a LOT of ground to cover.

As a company we were trying to make the leap from a small and scattered company to a larger focused team.

I needed help getting help about the next steps, a way to share critical information to key plans and a pat to move forward.

Chris came highly recommended from some of the smartest people I know.

I needed facilitation skills to bring the best out of the resources and people around us.

After we interacted, it became clear to me that Chris knew what he was doing and would make the session a successful event.

I found a lot of value in the helpful, thought-provoking exercises and techniques, especially the business value discussion.

I never realized I am by default kind of a broker but it makes complete sense to me.

Chris was able to level-set the people in the room and get information from brains onto paper, driving us to the vision. His pre-meeting preparation, materials, meetings and coaching made the workshop flow well.

My partner was skeptical we'd get there as there was a LOT of ground to cover, but later said it was the "money shot of the day."

The work will be used as a springboard for the company's growth moving forward.

He helped boil down the many dots to next key steps, kept things interesting and moving for all.

His facilitation was critical to accomplishing the end goal. He kept us from jumping to solution until it was the right time. He's a 'facilitation ninja.'

Matthew Rivera, Colorado
Matthew Rivera, Colorado

Pulling standoffish groups together and facilitated them without restricting free thinking, Chris was integral to the rollout.

I brought Chris in to help our Public Safety department roll out a local employment screening program.

Chris was integral to the rollout, pulling standoffish groups together & facilitated them without restricting free thinking.

Personally, his help gave me more confidence and enhanced self-awareness.

We discussed approaches to difficult situations with conflict. He provided insight into individual differences with strategies for diverse work teams.

He demonstrated courage by challenging others and providing feedback with respect and empathy, building trust and engagement with the groups.

Chris is an accomplished training professional that pursues information in order to develop comprehensive, relevant curriculum with his understanding and control of delivery methods that increases participant engagement and satisfaction.

We engaged all public safety departments in highly collaborative efforts that benefited our local community, the program vendors and our organizations.

The program is really gaining traction and the vendor has taken notice of our efforts.

Frank Kidder, New Mexico
Frank Kidder, New Mexico

The agenda had a tight timeline which required that we were kept on track while taking the time to create actionable material.

Our company is was at an inflection point where it had the opportunity to transition from a one woman show into something larger.

The agenda had a tight timeline which required that we were kept on track while taking the time to create actionable material.

From my experience facilitating similar sessions, this is an art form that is only acquired through experience and insight.

Chris is an outstanding facilitator who has mastered the rare talent of balance.

His clearly laid out pre-work objectives and process, had concise materials, designed with the strategic participant experience allowed for his clarifying, exploring and on-track facilitation.

He kept the process moving forward & on track with the slightest taps at the right moments. He accomplished this while also allowing the participants the time to explore a couple key decision points more thoroughly.

Not only did it clarify the nature of the transition but it engaged the enrollment of the key stakeholders in the group.

I'm impressed we got through the value proposition and the future action steps. I've seen this take several days in other circumstances.

I would most definitely recommend him for future workshop sessions.

Joseph Crelier, Oregon
Joseph Crelier, Oregon

Chris has the ability to see what tools will create the right environment for others to improve or excel with their programs, training and personnel issues.

Chris is one of only a few people I've ever known who is a premier source for professional coaching, business organization and developing employee learning.

He helped me refine content and presentations methods to guarantee quality delivery of safety related training.

He provides top level expertise through quality, directed collaborations. He leads by example when setting standards and expectations that work groups and organizations can embrace and internalize.

Chris has the ability to see what tools will create the right environment for others to improve or excel with their programs, training and personnel issues.

Chris has been a resource for me and other hiring managers when we needed to create meaningful interview questions or confidential coaching related to employee development.

I was having difficulty building my online course.

Chris knows his stuff more than anyone teaching how to build online courses. His knowledge on this topic blew me away. Chris is a gift from the Course Builder God’s!

His process altered the way I teach - now my courses are a catalyst for growth. Chris see’s the whole picture from the finest details to to the whole project. Every coaching session with Chris has given me insight into my course, and I see what it looks like and how to get there.

He taught me the most meaningful way to share information so it could be experienced and grow from the course, not just ‘get’ the info.

Robyn Reynolds, Georgia

If it wasn't creepy, I would clone you. 

I have so much gratitude and respect for you. This is exactly why you are a brilliant coach. You help people figure out their own strengths and then sort out how to navigate the rest.

Sara Pearl, Colorado

I wanted to create a hypnotherapy course with good workshop materials ready to go for my existing clients.

Chris has experience creating and conducting workshops, understanding how people learn and how to present material, so I wanted to conduct workshops together with him.

He is organized and has a good grasp of the big picture and the details. I like working with Chris because working with him motivates me to take action.

We created the workshop, added automatic booking to my website, gained insights as a result of our sessions together and practiced hypnosis inductions before actually conducting the workshop.

If you are someone who needs help organizing or creating materials for courses or presentations out of a general idea or outline, and a strategic marketing plan, Chris can help.

Anat Weinstein, New Mexico

Chris Montoya