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Megan Prescott, Arizona

Megan P., Arizona
Hypnotherapy Session

“I was afraid I was going to shutdown, shy away, and/or be so emotional I wouldn’t be able to function in our session together…” 

I came to work with some issues that have derailed me in the past and created deep wounds. I was afraid I was going to shutdown, shy away, and/or be so emotional I wouldn’t be able to function in our session together. 

To dig in before we started the session, I enjoyed answering the preliminary questions via the Marco Polo Video app rather than by email.  I really appreciated being able to answer them and receive your feedback via the Marco Polo video app. It felt like a primer for the Zoom session. This time around it was difficult for me to stay grounded – but having those little video sessions was grounding as well as comforting.

You are so good at asking questions to get to the heart of things.

But after working together through the session, I was relieved that you were able to hold space for me to feel my feelings and guide me through the process even when I wanted to shy away. It’s a relief to be able to show up as I am with you rather than editing myself. When offering guidance, Chris does his best to preserve and encourage the essence of you by helping you put concepts and actions into your own language.

Chris, you are magnificent! You create a very safe environment every step of the way. You are kind and have a calm voice and demeanor, balancing intuition with logic and real world experience. 

I would absolutely recommend this process to others. Now, each day after this session, I’m feeling a little more confident in my abilities, I have a little more trust in myself and my connection to my Higher Self. I especially enjoy the benefits of having my ‘focus mask’ explained to me by my Higher Self, and my intuitive gauge for yes/no decisions with my Higher Self explaining how it works for me. Also important was healing a ‘sockdolager’ of a family ancestral wound!

Chris continues to learn new methods of self-understanding and insight for himself and applies them to helping others as well. 

I think this service is most helpful for people who feel their mental brain is at odds with their intuition, if they know they want to work on issues that are painful but can’t do so consciously, or if they want to work on healing generational programming. Speaking for myself, my mental brain had become so over protective which has been helpful in the past, but not so much right now. It is helpful to have an option to give mental brains a break and have them ‘stay on the couch’ while your subconscious helps you get to the root of the matter.

Anat Weinstein, New Mexico
Course Design Coaching

“As a hypnotherapist, I wanted to create a hypnotherapy course with good workshop materials ready to go for my existing clients.”

Chris has experience creating and conducting workshops, understanding how people learn and how to present material, so I wanted to conduct workshops together with him. He is organized and has a good grasp of the big picture and the details.

I like working with Chris because working with him motivates me to take action. If you are someone who needs help organizing or creating materials for courses or presentations out of a general idea or outline, and a strategic marketing plan, Chris can help.

As a result of working together, we created the workshop, added automatic booking to my website, gained insights as a result of our sessions together and practiced hypnosis inductions before actually conducting the workshop.